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hourglass scotland Come Visit Our Pop-Up Clinic

Hourglass Scotland is the only charity dedicated to calling time on the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people.

Hourglass estimate over 150,000 residents in Scotland have personal experience of abuse of an older person: Sexual, financial, emotional, physical and neglect. Yet this is rarely talked about. 


Hourglass can help.

Our Community Hub team are having a Pop-Up Event at the Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee on 1st October between 10am-2pm. 

We can help answer your questions, offer safer ageing advice if you’re anxious about the safety and wellbeing of an older person and find out more about the work Hourglass does in the local community. Maybe you’d like to get involved?


About Us

Hourglass’s specialist team focus on providing information and help to promote safer ageing in local communities. We offer personalised advice and support to those effected by the abuse of an older person.


We can support with:

  • Casework: to help you make informed choices, access support or challenge a decision.

  • Advocating on your behalf: We will help fight your corner.

  • Follow-up calls to provide ongoing support and check-ins.


Safer Ageing Support Service

Our Safer Ageing Service supports older people who are isolated or at risk of abuse. If you know an older person who is lonely, has trouble caring for themselves, or just needs some extra support, then let us help. We can work with other organisations to create a support plan to help them enjoy later life to the fullest. 


Hourglass Helpline Services

If you can’t pop down and see us in person on 1st October, our Hourglass helpline services can be accessed via phone, text, instant messenger (online chat), or email. We provide confidential advice and support to our callers and those concerned about the safety of an older person. 


Knowledge Bank

Hourglass’s online Knowledge Bank is the UK’s first ever specialist knowledge bank specifically relating to the abuse of older people and safer ageing. You will find a range of resources, from policy documents to case studies and press stories.


For more information, please visit our website or call our helpline on 0808 808 8141