Recovery Service Stories

Maureen's Story

Maureen is an 81 year old widow with reduced mobility. She lives alone in a top floor flat, and has very few family members in her life. Her son, who has drug dependence issues, became her Power of Attorney a few years ago, and spent approximately £20,000 of his mum's money. When his position as attorney was revoked, he became abusive and regularly came to her home to threaten her.


What did Maureen hope to get out of the Project?

Following a social work assessment, Maureen was referred to the Recovery Project via an advocacy group. She was matched with one of our trained volunteers, who visits Maureen in her home for a couple of hours a week. After an initial visit from Ian (our Project Coordinator) to find out about what Maureen hoped to get out of the project and carry out a risk assessment, Maureen and her matched volunteer met for the first time. They agreed upon an Individual Development Plan, which set out Maureen's personal goals, and how they might work towards these. These included improving her confidence and well-being, getting out and about, and developing new hobbies.


Maureen’s progress

Good progress is being made with her recovery, and her social worker has suggested that, with our assistance, Maureen may be introduced as a mentor to other older people who have been affected by harm or abuse. The Recovery Project’s involvement continues as Maureen values and greatly appreciates the encouragement, confidence building and emotional support being offered to her.



Jim's Story

Jim, age 86, was referred to the Recovery Project by an advocacy agency.  Jim had been financially harmed by his son who was abusing his position as Power of Attorney. Although the Power of Attorney was revoked and Jim had recovered control of his bank account, he was still experiencing the effects of the financial, emotional and psychological abuse from both his son and grandson.


What did Jim hope to get out of the project?

A male Recovery Volunteer was allocated to Jim and, following an initial visit from the Project Coordinator, Jim and his volunteer discussed what Jim would like to achieve from the Project. Jim told Hourglass that he would like emotional support and friendship, support to get over his experience of abuse, and assistance with hospital visits and appointments. Jim also identified issues that concerned him, outlining the need for banks to be more vigilant over allowing people to take money from another person’s account; making sure that criminal behaviour by family members is not overlooked; and that the severity and seriousness of crimes against older people is understood by all. 


Jim’s progress

Our Volunteer has provided friendship to Jim, helped with techniques to improve his well-being, and encouraged him to think about how best to move on. Practically, he has also helped Jim to access a gardener, and helped him seek professional help for a medical condition. The Recovery Project Volunteer continues to work with Jim to increase his self-confidence and resilience in dealing with family members.



Sunita's Story

Sunita, age 91, was referred by a family friend (who is also her Power of Attorney) as she was concerned about her welfare and safety. Sunita's family live abroad and she came to Scotland after meeting her husband during World War II. She lives alone and has reduced mobility. Her son has an alcohol misuse issue and can be verbally threatening and abusive when under the influence. Sunita had allowed him access to her home, but his behaviour deteriorated and with advice from the Recovery Project, he no longer is allowed access to her home. This action has greatly helped Sunita cope with the stress that had been caused.


What did Sunita hope to get out of the project?

Sunita lacks self-confidence and seldom leaves her home. She would like to be more confident, try new things and make new friends.


Sunita's progress

After being matched with a female volunteer, Sunita is benefiting greatly from the companionship and friendship offered. Although encouraging her to go out of her home is still a work in progress, her confidence has improved greatly and she has identified new activities she would like to try. 

Ensuring that Sunita receives proper levels of care is also carried out by the Recovery Volunteer, as there have been occasions of lapses by the Care Provider.

Sunita values the Volunteer’s visits greatly, appreciates the help and support, and enjoys the time spent with her.