Hourglass responds to disgraceful comments allegedly made by Boris Johnson on older people during the pandemic

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Hourglass is appalled by the alleged comments made by Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister. Reports claim he saw COVID as ‘nature’s way of dealing with older people’ and stated that older people should ‘accept their fate’. 


If true, these allegations evidence the Government’s disregard for the wellbeing of older people during the pandemic, especially in the health and social care system. 


Furthermore, they are sadly consistent with successive Government’s lack of focus on issues surrounding older people. A prime example of this is the lack of specialist support services for older victim-survivors of abuse. An issue where Hourglass, the leading UK-wide charity focused on the abuse of older people, continues to be the lone voice. 


The #COVIDInquiry has an important role in examining the UK’s response to the pandemic, and learn lessons for the future. Included in this must be a critical analysis of how older people were treated during this time and how we can do much better in the future. 


Hourglass believe that everyone has the right to grow old safely. We will continue to lobby government to promote our safer ageing agenda and to challenge ageist attitudes that still have an impact today

We spoke to Hourglass Patron, Lord George Foulkes of Cumknock

“At a time when neglect and abuse of older people is rising it is astounding to be told that the former Prime Minister was prepared to sacrifice the lives of older people during the COVID Pandemic”

“I would urge those in the media employing government officials at the centre of this storm to think again. If they did not respect the lives of older people during the pandemic, why are we giving them a platform now?”