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Neglect occurs when a person deliberately withholds, or fails to provide, suitable and adequate care and support needed by an older person. It may be through a lack of knowledge or awareness, or through a deliberate decision not to act when they know the older person in their care needs help. Neglect can negatively impact the health  and well-being of an older person.



What are the signs of neglect?

  • Dirt, faecal or urine smell, or other health and safety hazards in older person’s living environment.

  • Rashes, sores, or lice on the older person.

  • The older person is inadequately clothed.

  • The older person is malnourished or dehydrated.

  • The older person has an untreated medical condition.

  • The older person has poor personal hygiene.

  • There is evidence of the withholding of medication or over-medication of the older person.

  • There is evidence of a lack of assistance with eating and drinking.

  • There are unsanitary and unclean conditions.




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