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Who we are

Hourglass Northern Ireland is the voice for older people at risk. We support the creation of a society that truly values older people – where those at risk can live free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust. When abuse occurs, we seek an environment where it can be identified and addressed.


We are committed to urgent public review of the abuse of older people, and to ending the abuse, harm and exploitation of older people. We strive to guarantee safer ageing for all.



Our aims:


  • Hourglass Northern Ireland will develop traction in the newly formed Executive to achieve our primary goal of implementing an Adult Safeguarding Bill, bringing Northern Ireland in line with legislative protections across the wider UK. 


  • We will work with all sectors, providers and influencers to capitalise on the wide impact of recent investigations and reports, and further shed light on the hidden abuse of older people both in institutions and within their own homes. 


  • We will pursue transparent and accurate data on crimes against older people, advocating for improvement in criminal justice procedures to broaden our insight and facilitate an agenda of prevention and protection.


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