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Donald* called our Helpline for advice about his elderly father, Hamish*. He shared how he, other family members, and friends were being prevented from seeing his father.


Hamish has dementia, and has been in a care home for the past three years. Donald and most of his family were unable to see him during this period due to Hamish’s other son, Roger*, abusing his position as Power of Attorney. Roger instructed all care staff to prevent anyone visiting Hamish. All health and social care staff complied with these instructions, on the understanding that this was the appropriate legal position.


Hourglass Scotland intervened and provided comprehensive casework support to assist Donald in challenging the isolation of his father. Through our experience of both the social care and legal systems in Scotland, we provided Donald with practical assistance, and also provided much-needed emotional support. As a result, an application was made to the local sheriff for Donald’s legal Guardianship of his father. The sheriff immediately gave a direction that the ban on family and friends from visiting Hamish should be lifted, as the ban was not of benefit to Hamish and therefore inappropriate.  Hamish is no longer kept isolated from his loving family, and can see who he wishes. *details changed per the victim’s request.


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